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Hello, fellow traveller! Here at Imagina we don’t just give innovation lip service; we breathe it every day. Being a start-up, we are unburdened by all the bureaucracy and politics inherent within larger companies. By being technology first, our team are everyday heroes involved in building cutting edge solutions that matter. If you’re a fellow professional and you enjoy solving problems, work with us because we believe developers are rock stars and creative people are the life blood of this company. We believe in people, trust and teamwork, not hierarchies. Most importantly, we believe that work should be fun and people should be driven by their passions.

If you like what you’ve seen and would consider joining us on our adventure, please have a look below at our currently open positions. Moreover, we are a highly dynamic company with ample opportunities for growth. As such, if you have something to contribute to our mission outside of these set positions, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email on


Software Engineer

The role involves…

A position as a software engineer, centrally involved in the development of the company’s vision of next generation game content provision tools in the gaming industry. Being technology first, you will be directly involved with developing a cutting-edge microservice architecture using tools such as Akka, Kafka and Java 8. You will learn concepts including reactive programming, CQRS, RESTful API design, event sourcing, patterns for resilience, scaling, and much more. Most importantly, our position is ideal for someone who thrives when given a challenge, likes the flexibility required by a start-up, is inherently responsible, and loves nothing more than to work at a company where innovation is an everyday experience.

You are…

  • Intrigued about joining a unique adventure of a true start up in the gaming world.
  • A team player who believes in consensus, but doesn’t shy away from taking ownership.
  • A motivated character who enjoys freedom to work on his or her own initiative.
  • A firm advocate of giving ideas 5 minutes.
  • A believer in developing code for the person after you. This includes commitment to writing clean, understandable code and documenting your thoughts.
  • Not a fan of strict hierarchical organisations, and think that the idea of holacracy sounds cool.
  • Excited about terms such as actor-based systems, microservices and big data.
  • A life-long learner who relishes the opportunity to learn the latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • Passionate about code, algorithms, concepts and a responsible person who feels a duty to do things the right way.
  • Someone who believes that work should also be about having fun with friends.

Your skillset may include…

  • Fluency in Java, with the capability to speak Akka, Scala and/or Javascript a welcome bonus.
  • Experience with SQL and relational databases, with the further knowledge of NoSQL stores such as Elasticsearch considered a nice to have.
  • Ideally, but not necessarily, knowledge of functional and/or reactive programming together with an understanding of the complexities with building distributed architectures.
  • Experience with tools including Kafka, Spark, Docker, Spring, RAML/Swagger, React and/or Tomcat, which would be cool.
  • The ability to think in abstract concepts, and apply them in everyday scenarios.

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Software Engineer
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